Right to Food Bangladesh (RtF) is a national network works towards ensuring right to food and nutritional security for all the people of the country. IDEA is the secretariat in Sylhet and national member of RtF. Considering of covid-19 outbreak; few numbers of indoor meetings were initiated in the year of 2020.   

RtF Sylhet District committee took part a survey on Covid-19 impact on vulnerable people in Sylhet which is taken by RtF national secretariat. A total of 30 interviews were conducted among the male and female people from vulnerable sectors. Day labor, Rickshaw puller, Farmers, Small traders, Domestic workers and persons from middle classes family covered by the survey. Finally, the survey reveled that, low income people from Sylhet region were suffering from scarcity of sufficient food during national lock-down in the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

KHANI Bangladesh is a national network composed of a group of non-government organizations and activists working specially on the issue of food security and other issues related to farmer rights, agro-ecology, and environment. IDEA is the member of this network and advocating in Sylhet.

Freshwater Action Network South Asia, Bangladesh (FANSA-BD) is  working to recognize right to water and sanitation through facilitating advocacy and water and sanitation related plan of action to strengthen the capacity of CSOs towards contribute to Government to achieving SDG-6. IDEA is the member of FANSA in Sylhet.

Sushasoner Jonny Procharavizan – SUPRO (Campaign for Good Governance), a national network of grassroots NGOs in Bangladesh, working to establish economic, social and cultural rights of poor and marginalized people at all spheres of society and state through facilitating right based activism at grassroots and national level. IDEA is the secretariat of SUPRO in Sylhet.

Democratic Budget Movement (DBM) is a national network campaigning on democratization of national budget formulating process. IDEA is the lead of DBM in Sylhet.

IDEA organized a pre budget discussion meeting at IDEA Office in Sylhet where people from different stages of the society were took part including DBM members. The meeting demanded the government come up with a framework for job creation in the upcoming budget for fiscal 2020-21. The meeting also called for increasing the allocation for health sector in the next budget. Healthcare expense coming out of people's capability in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. Democratization of budget framing is needed to reflect the concerns and issues of people and increase allocation for education and health will help in development of human capital and thus contribute to the economy said participants in the meeting. After the meeting a memorandum was handed over to Mr Mukkabir Khan, Honorable MP constituency of Sylhet-2 and Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Sylhet District demanding priority development issues associated to Sylhet.